Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Regardless of the storms we've been having, our RAGBRAI riders just keep rolling along. Here is a portion of them starting off from Missouri Valley Sunday morning.

A feast at Beebetown.

Outside Neola, Mr. Pork Chop and his son are getting the grill set up to feed some hungry bikers. They start with frozen chops.

The riders enjoy a well-deserved rest and a delicious Iowa Pork Chop.

Here is one of the more interesting contraptions in the ride this year; a banana bike. I remember the old banana bike seats, but had never seen a banana bike before. Do you suppose he'll get some Chiquita dollars for the advertising?

Another family bike.

A few decorated bike helmets.

A roadside attraction.

Yesterday they were welcomed into Ames by ISU's Cyclone mascot.

This morning they were welcomed into Nevada by a Fat Lady and a Wicked Witch.

But since the Fat Lady didn't sing, the ride isn't over yet! Today's 78 mile trek will take them to Tama and Toledo.

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