Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today I will try to show you the positive side of The Iowa State Fair. There are lots of contests and rides, so the children, especially, do have lots of fun. I will leave out any pictures of the smorgasbord of politicians who actually believed people wanted to see them at the fair. I'm at a point where I'm sick to death of any and all politicians and would like to see all their jobs out-sourced to China.

This first picture is an interesting one. As you can see by reading previous posts, this food on a stick was NOT on the list. Since it just showed up in yesterday's pictures, I have to wonder if it was a late addition to the food offerings this year.

Yep, Salad on a Stick!!!

Speaking of politicians, they even started serving them on a stick, too!

Take your pick; sick, sick, sick!

And someone, recognizing the direness of the situation, offered the following:

If we ever needed prayer, it's now. So just in case you can't come up with one on your own, you can get a Prayer on a Stick.

A cute little gal holding a baby pig.

Gotta love those tractors!

These would be my favorite wheels!

The Marble Competition

An Iowa fashion statement

This little girl is very happy to be seeing the fair from her Daddy's shoulders...
He just got home from Iraq

Even the Iowa State Fair Queen got involved in the Outhouse race

This is a cow chip

This is a cow chip throwing contest. I love the looks on these guys' faces!

The Iowa State Fair Queen contestants

Decorated Diaper Contest

Twin & Triplet look alike contest
I had so many darling pictures of these, but couldn't post them all

I assume this lady belongs to the Red Hat Society
At least she's creative

You just gotta love the look on this child's face while the butterflies give him/her
their full attention in the Butterfly Pavilion!

The ride almost every kid loves. In fact, I still love it.

Another fun ride

Lovin' it!

Hatin' it!

The best way to see the fair....sure saves the feet!

Looks like a stare down contest to me


It's been a long day for this little lady

Good to the last bite!

See what my Daddy won for me? He's my hero!

This little guy's face shows pure joy. Do you remember ever being that happy???
So there you have it; my favorites from the state fair. There were many more pictures, and if you want to see them, go to The Des Moines Register's web site.

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