Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Blogging is an interesting pastime, and for some of us, it’s a way of communicating with others while enjoying anonymity. There are those of us who use this avenue to brush up on our writing skills. Some, who may be handicapped and/or housebound, may use this as an outlet to create a life they would otherwise not have. As an older, once popular song said, some just wanna have fun. With this outlet for expression we can be ‘real,’ or pretend to be whoever we wish; who’s going to know?

Even though I have some favorites whom I regularly read and appreciate, on occasion I’ve cruised various blogs and stopped to read them, wondering, ‘who is this person and what do they have to say?’ There are the ‘Martha Stewart’ types who seem to perform magic for their families with cooked from scratch meals and home decorating skills that rival the best of the best, while finding time to home school their children and still have energy left over to welcome their spouse upon his return from work, looking beautiful and un-frazzled. But is this woman ‘real’ or ‘contrived?’

Next may be the blog of a seemingly eloquent and intelligent man, possibly accompanied by a profile picture of a sophisticated and studious looking gentleman complete with a barely approachable expression and holding the prop of a pipe that he may or may not actually smoke. But in ‘real’ life, who is he? Does he fill an otherwise empty and impotent existence with this alter-ego he has created or is he, indeed, an educated and interesting person who would be worth getting to know a little better?
The blogs I find most gripping are those written by young people; many still trying to find themselves. Some are incredibly sad, with pictures of mutilated, tattooed, multiple pierced bodies, looking out at me from empty, soulless eyes. These sad young people often reinforce their lost spirit by adding dark, hopeless poetry, as if begging to be rescued. They don’t know who they really are; they just want to be anyone and anywhere else than who and where they are.

The blogs of the bright, savvy young people, whose enthusiasm can’t be faked, are a delight. Some seem to be a tad air-headed, but most are using this venue to communicate with old friends and potential, new friends. Sometimes I shudder at their openness and how freely they offer personal information that could invite danger and evil into their fresh, happy lives; they are so trusting it makes them vulnerable.

But I always come away wondering who these people really are. If I could be a fly on a wall of their home, what would I find? There are some who seem so unlovable; could I obey God’s commandment to love them anyway? Some seem so ‘perfect,’ could I be ‘real’ in their presence? Those who appear to be Teflon coated; would I be tempted to simply ignore them?

AND, you many wonder, WHO AM I? My profile is vague, as I intend it to be, so from that you’ll not learn much about me. In fact, in this virtual community, it is impossible to know who I really am. Yet, there is ONE who knows everything about me, right down to how many hairs I have on my head and what my next thought will be. He knows my profile from the day I was conceived until the day my earthly body will wear out and my spirit goes to Him. WHO ARE YOU? I don’t know, and probably never will; but there is ONE who knows everything thing about you, and loves you anyway.

Who Will We Be?

You can see my body, but my body is not me,
I am the psyche, mind or soul that will forever be.
My body is temporal and it will pass away;
But I, the person who’s inside, will always stay.

I can see your body, but your body is not you,
Your psyche, mind or soul will be forever, too.
Your body is temporal and it will pass away;
But you, the person who’s inside, will always stay.

Our bodies were all made by God, and will return to dust;
But what we do with what’s inside, He’s left that up to us.
He gave us choices, His only Son, and a will that is free,
What we choose to do with our inside is up to you and me.

Our looks; clothes, shoes, nails, our lovely (or not) hair,
On the image of our outside, we spend much time and care.
Owning the right car; a lovely house with a manicured lawn;
Chasing our tails, trying to keep up; working ‘til dusk from dawn.

But who will we really be, when all is said and done?
When our outside world betrays us, to whom will we run?
Will we be able to count on us, the person who’s inside?
Whom we’ve either starved or fed; from whom we cannot hide?

Our one true person who’s inside will live on and on and on,
While the earthly body in which we’ve dwelt, will be long gone.
Will we have spent our time and efforts on the lasting, eternal thing,
When our psyche, mind or soul stands before our Heavenly King?

Then it will make no difference how we look or where we live,
He’ll want to know; from what He gave us, what did we give?
While here on earth, did we put ourselves last and others first?
Did we offer the Eternal Drink to those who were in thirst?

Did we often judge others by a unit of strictest measure;
In pointing fingers at other’s faults, finding some sick pleasure?
Weighing others’ sins on our own scale of right and wrong;
Did our self-righteous act, steal someone else’s song?

Did we measure ourselves first; did we keep our soul clean?
Was our spirit sweet and humble, or was our spirit mean?
So what we do with our inside is up to you and me;
Our psyche, soul or mind lives on; who will we be?

© CAB Hampton


Kate said...

How very interesting and truthful. Once again, I loved it. Very perplexing thoughts this one was. Now you've gone and made me have to think. I will probably ponder this one for a few days. HMM....

Carol Hampton said...

Thanks, Kate! Was there anything in particular that you found perplexing or is it just the entire theme? Sometimes the truth can seem to be a little heavy.