Thursday, September 18, 2008


If you consider yourself to be a 'Conservative Christian,' and/or if you think America will be better off with John McCain as president, please view the YouTube clip to the left of this post. You can ignore the last frame, which I don't care for and isn't relevant to this post. Even though I'm not techo-savvy enough to know how to delete that frame, I think the other frames are certainly worth viewing. Sure, McCain was a POW, blah, blah, blah. But that's ALL he's got, folks. This YouTube clip is one of many that show what he's really made of.
Of course some of you are brain-washed and no matter how many facts you hear or read, you're going to vote for this liar. The fact that he picked a VP who is only window dressing should have been another clue, but again, if you're brain-washed, you might as well quit reading right now. This blog is only for those, especially 'Conservative Christians', who want to learn something.

We Christians have been duped for years into believing that the words 'Conservative' and 'Christian' are synonymous, but they aren't. I, too, considered myself to be a 'Conservative Christian' until I began receiving so much extremely hateful email in regards to Senators Clinton and Obama. Some were outright lies, and many were very repulsive; especially the racial ones. Truthfully, I was shocked that anyone could profess to be a Christian of any kind and send some of that trash. So much for LOVE being the most important attribute of a Christian! At any rate, I couldn't have voted for Clinton based on my personal opinions that had nothing to do with being a Christian; I just don't like her on many levels.

Our 'Christian' leaders and many of my 'Christian' friends have continued this onslaught of venom against the Democrats while excusing all the lies and false representations by the Republicans. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying the Democrats walk on water, but they're certainly not the 'anti-Christ', either. It's just that the more nasty emails I received, the more shadows of the last two presidential elections started dancing around in my head, and I started remembering how our 'Christian' leaders had presented Bush as being a 'born again Christian,' who shared our values and would bring needed 'change' to America. Of course, this led many of us to vote for him. When he won, we entered four years of promises ignored and the rug pulled out from under the middle class, in addition to sending our young people to a war touted as a 'righteous' war. Soon, we recognized Bush as a great disappointment.

Four years later, however, we 'Conservative Christians' were told that even though Bush wasn't perfect, he really had tried to do the right things. And, we had to remember, the Democrats had kept his hands tied from doing all he could have and would have done had he had the freedom to do so. We were scared into believing that Kerry would lead us down the tubes for sure, and the America we knew and loved would be in grave danger on almost every level. Yes, Virginia, ignorance does run rampant amongst 'Conservative Christians' and so, we voted for the big phony again.

Well, we've had almost four years to repent for our ignorance. Oops! I must not make such a blanket statement; I have had almost four years to repent for MY ignorance. Many of my peers still follow the pied piper with a smile on their faces and continue to blame the Democrats and all the other 'axes of evil' for turning our nation and the lives of our middle class upside down.

You know the old saying, 'Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me?' There's something innate in me that hates being made a fool of, whether it's someone else's fault or my own. "SO", says I, "what did I miss"? I started taking apart the slogans and buzz words that had become part of my vocabulary and was surprised to learn that I am NOT a 'Conservative Christian' after all! Yes, I most certainly AM a Christian! But a 'Conservative'? No way!

Since I do a little writing and consider myself to be an amateur 'wordsmith', I was ashamed of myself when I realized how easily I had worn a label that I hadn't even researched; 'Conservative.' What does that word mean? On my shelves are two dictionaries; one older, one newer. Please allow me to share with you what I found; maybe I'm NOT the only fool walking, and some of you, too, may decide to drop a label you don't really want.

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary – 11th Edition

Conservatism: 2a. Disposition in politics to preserve what is established
2b. A political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual
development to abrupt change
3. The tendency to prefer an existing or traditional situation to change

1Conservative: 3a. Tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions or
institutions; TRADITIONAL
3b. marked by moderation or caution

2Conservative: 2a. One who adheres to traditional methods or views

The American Heritage Dictionary – Second College Edition

Conservatism: 1a. The disposition in politics to maintain the existing order and to
resist or oppose change

Conservative: 1a. Tending to oppose change; favoring traditional views and values

So, while both parties talk about 'change,' I now know that the Republicans CAN'T change; it's not in their platform of 'conservatism.' So if you're reading this, and you're a person who wants change in D.C., you DON'T vote Republican. Of course if you're a Christian and, like some others I know, equate being a Christian with being a Republican, I feel very sorry for you. VERY sorry.

NOW.............., I'm wondering about what Jesus would do. When He was on earth, He was NOT a 'Conservative'! He was all about shaking up the order of the day and turning the existing religious leaders on their collective ears. I can only imagine what He'd do with the 'Christian' leaders of today!


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